Mnogotochie school identity

Task: to develop an identity for an unusual modern school.

Mnogotochie is a school in Yekaterinburg where children study in grades zero to eleven, but this is where its similarities with other educational institutions end. The school takes a Finnish approach to teaching that’s based on the child’s talents. Here, everyone smiles at each other, absolutely trusts students and teachers, welcomes unconventional thinking and knows how to teach without grades and homework.

The identity invites to look at the ellipsis from a different angle. The colorful dots in the logo are located in front of each other, showing the unity of different ideas: knowledge, age and skills. If necessary, the elements can multiply, grow or shrink. This flexibility allows to use them to create intricate shapes, compositions and patterns. As the students grow older, the dots become smaller: children grow up and things around them don’t seem so big anymore.

art director


motion designer

Made in 58 days
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