Monum logo

For many years, Monum has been engaged in construction of internal engineering systems for structures with special requirements, such as industrial facilities and cultural sites, including design, procurement, installation, commissioning, maintenance and service. A meticulous logo for the company was designed in the studio.

The image of a reliable technological company is defined by large, solid forms, as well as by the uniformity of the symbol and the text. In addition, the logo contains the construction symmetry that pleases the eye of any engineer.

monum 01

The bright red color is all about being modern, stylish and dynamic. It also helps the company to better present itself among competitors.

monum 02

The simple geometry is used to construct a mesmerizing pattern. The basic signature color is complemented by black, turning every media into a loud statement: professionals work here.

monum 03
monum 04
monum 05
Made in 27 days
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