Mosstroiinform identity and editorial policy

Task: to increase recognition in a professional environment.

Mosstroiinform is the information and analysis center of Moscow’s construction complex. It gathers information about the work of many specialist government structures, from the Department of Urban Planning Policy to the Construction Supervision Committee. The institution also actively develops digital technologies, holds exhibitions and public lectures. To give all these diverse activities visual integrity, an identity was created in the studio.

The logo combines many images: an exhibition stand, rooftops and city signs.

The text portion is rendered in an understated but still memorable grotesque typeface that blends perfectly with the symbol thanks to its pointed elements.

msi cathedral
msi pattern

Elements of the logo can be arranged in a spectacular pattern for branded media.

An important task of Mosstroiinform is to communicate with city organizations and residents, help them follow the transformations in the capital and understand ideas behind them. To make this communication mutually pleasant and effective, a detailed editorial policy was created in the studio. It helps unify the language, set the accents, tell the news briefly and clearly and assert competence.

The rules for using the identity were compiled into a beautiful brand book.

msi docs
msi shirt
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