Ogarev Mordovia State University logo

Task: to attract new specialists to the national research university.

Ogarev National Research Mordovia State University is a large university located in Saransk. It consists of ten departments, seven institutes and two affiliated schools. The university is constantly developing, occupies high positions in rankings and actively cooperates with business. That is why it needed a modern and recognizable image which would reflect its scientific achievements and attract new students and employees.

Several concepts of the logo were designed at the studio, after which a survey was conducted among students. They chose the final version which aligns with the ambitious goals of the university and emphasizes the positive changes of the recent years.

mrsu logo

The logo is the result of an experiment: the shape is made of the first letters of the university’s name connected by a shared continuous shell.

The new symbol, the flame of science, represents the spirit of innovation, curiosity, research excitement and a friendly community within the university.

mrsu bw
mrsu pin
mrsu cups
mrsu tickets
mrsu flasks
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mrsu wall

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Made in 37 days
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