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Mus2 press clippings

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Cursor-shaped mouse gets to the point
News.com.com. April 7, 2006

Talking point
T3. March 2, 2006

Cursor mouse looks to be big click
Stuff Magazine. March 1, 2006

Mus2 cordless optical mouse points to the future
Übergizmo. February 28, 2006

Mus2 Computer Mouse by Art Lebedev Studio
Dexigner.com. February 28, 2006

The Cursor Mouse
Hight3ch.com. February 27, 2006

Art Lebedev reveals Mus2
Nordic Hardware. February 27, 2006

Mus2 Cordless Optical Mouse
Techeblog. February 27, 2006

Mus2 Wireless Mouse
Gizmodo. February 27, 2006

Art Lebedev’s Mus2 Wireless Mouse
Gearlog.com. February 27, 2006

Arrow mouse is sexy
Mobilemag.com. February 27, 2006

Art Lebedev Studios’ Mus2 mouse
Engadget. February 26, 2006


Mus2: Schnurlose Maus im Mauszeiger-Design
Netzwelt.de. March 1, 2006

Neue Maus sieht aus wie der Windows-Mauszeiger
Krone.at. February 28, 2006

Design-Maus: Mus2 von Art. Lebedev
Giga. February 27, 2006

Mauszeiger-Maus vom Design-Studio Art. Lebedev
Golem.de. February 27, 2006

Mauszeiger-Maus vom Design-Studio Art. Lebedev
Pc-magazin.de. February 27, 2006


Le curseur c’est la souris!
w3sh. February 27, 2006

La souris par Lebedev
Lebloggadget.com. February 27, 2006

Other languages

Тайвань. April 2006(in Chinese)

Mus e Mus2: i mouse a freccia di Art. Lebedev
SetteB.IT. March 23, 2006(in Italian)

Noticias.com. March 1, 2006(in Spanish)

分辨率为800dpi 箭头式Mus2鼠标面世
Mouse.zol.com.cn. February 28, 2006(in Chinese)

8080.net. February 28, 2006(in Chinese)

Art. Lebedev Studio slipper ny mus
ITavisen.no. February 28, 2006(in Norwegian)

Mus2, ratón de los creadores del teclado Optimus
Xataka. February 27, 2006(in Spanish)

Mus2, il mouse freccia
Gadgetblog.it. February 27, 2006(in Italian)

Mus2 Computer Mouse Da Art. Lebedev
Techtop.it. February 27, 2006(in Italian)

鼠标: 绝赞!全球最酷鼠标设计终成正果!(图)
1p2p3p.com. February 27, 2006(in Chinese)

Mus2 — nya grejer från Art Lebedev Studio
Prylfeber. February 27, 2006(in Swedish)

Oled-tangentbordet får pilformad lekkamrat
IDG.se. February 27, 2006(in Swedish)

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