Myasnoy Stol store logo

Task: to design a logo.

They do things with meat that you can’t imagine! They eat meat raw and smoke it. They take it on trams and film it in TV shows. They call it strange names like shashlik or beshbarmak. They use it to treat evil eye and touch fillets.

The best meat pieces are sold in Myasnoy Stol.

myasnoy stol

The logo is clean and simple, it has a clear hint: a dazzling piece of dazzling meat! Everything is colorful, each component is in its place: the flying stroke of text, the lovely gradient.

The steak was chosen on purpose, it’s not just any food. It’s joy, it’s pleasure, it’s a secret, it’s a meat rock star!

myasnoy stol cow

myasnoy stol meat

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Made in 13 days
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