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Novaya Anapa territory development competition identity

Toursim.RF and the CENTER Agency for Strategic Development organize a competition for the best master plan for the development of the Novaya Anapa tourist territory.

The tourist cluster with an area of over 1,800 ha will be focused on family and active recreation. The studio came up with a modern but soulful identity for the large-scale event.

The dynamic symbol reminds of mountains, the sea and sails, while the sun peeking through it adds emotion to the logo. The competition lasts only six months, but the logo, like the sea itself, will always be attractive.

novaya anapa logo shapes

In addition to the logo, we created a set of branded elements. They support the soft plasticity of the symbol and are used in the design of ads and souvenirs.

novaya anapa dates

The slogan hints at the fact that the organizers plan to attract a lot of professional attention to the contest and receive numerous submissions.

Made in 47 days
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