Lighthouse Landscaping

Lighthouse architectural concept

An art object has been designed in the studio for a premium-class resort on the southern coast of Crimea. The resort occupies an area of sixty-four hectares. Tourists come here to relax in a five-star hotel, spend time in one of the thirty villas, stroll through the landscaped park or go yachting. The conceived object functions as a lighthouse and becomes the main architectural landmark of the marina.

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The lighthouse fits perfectly into the architectural style of the complex.

The concept combines horizontal and vertical volumes, allowing for the creation of a new height dominion and landscaping of the surrounding space.

The object is designed in the form of a lotus flower: this supports the form development used in other objects.

Under the promenade, there are technical rooms with navigation and radio equipment, as well as public toilets.

The height of the lighthouse above sea level is 25 meters, allowing for the placement of special equipment in the upper part and the organization of a service room.

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The lighthouse tower, dynamically expanding upwards, resembles a floral pistil. To visually enhance the effect of expansion, metallic pipes of a golden color are used in the finishing, with the pipe shapes replicating the form of stamens.

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The lighthouse is installed on an open observation platform reminiscent of flower petals. Several viewing zones are organized on the platform. Benches are placed in the center so as not to obstruct the view. A transparent floor made of tempered glass on one of the “petals” allows visitors to observe the sea.

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A floating promenade leads to the lighthouse. The pedestrian zone is separated from the technical access road and protected from waves by additional elevation above sea level.

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The winding shape of the promenade is inspired by the curves of a flower stem. The “leaves” become relaxation areas with benches and loungers.

At night, beautiful multicolored lighting is activated on the promenade and lighthouse, transforming the object into a huge and mesmerizing navigation sign.

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