Opus restaurant name and logo

Visitors to the restaurant which opened on the Arbat are offered dishes of European, Russian, Asian and original cuisines. Here, they know that the best potatoes come from Belarus, flour from India and goat cheese from Monte Carlo. The best dishes are born here as a result of combining foreign traditions with Russian flair. Live jazz, rock or classical music can always be heard here, but the cuisine is not bound to any culinary genre. Every time it is pure improvisation and imagination.

A name and a sophisticated logo for the restaurant were created in the studio.

opus 2 opus 3

The name brings together haute cuisine and music, making a statement that both constitute true art. An opus is a complete piece of music that requires no accompaniments. Each dish in the restaurant is also beautiful in its own right.

opus 4

The letter O in the logo resembles the shape of a plate and alludes to the designation of a whole note in musical notation. It occupies the entire length of a measure, just as a chef fills a dish with the special flavor of his recipe.

opus 5

The typographic composition is completed by the letter S whose curves bring to mind expensive cutlery.

opus 6

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project manager

Made in 13 days
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