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Ozon online shopping cart 2.0

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Task: To learn from the first version and improve it.

The first version of the cart was introduced in April, 2010. Since then, customers have used it for numerous orders and provided valuable feedback with pros and cons. Based on that we’ve made corrections and improvements.

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Major modifications do not draw attention to themselves

As the cart fills up it could get hard to keep track of an item category, to solve it we used freeze pane for the titles.

Now you can handle a bunch of items at a time by using check boxes. You can also not just remove something from the cart, but save it for later as well.

We decided to do without “less columns” and “more columns” modes. At any given moment you see the current number of items and a total per line. If you need to change the quantity, a pop-up window appears with price per piece.

ozon cart2 2
Breeze through check out

Release date: February 19 2011


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