Task: to help humanity rid itself of bureaucracy.

Pasportus is an international blockchain passport that replaces all documents in the world. It stores information from passports, certificates, medical and employment records, diplomas and any other existing papers.


Pasportus saves people from having to carry a bunch of documents, speeds up bureaucratic processes hundredfold and even completely eliminates some of the unnecessary papers.

Register the birth of a child? Just a couple of clicks. The birth certificate is now a rudimentary anachronism.

Worldwide ID

Pasportus is valid in all countries of the world and in all languages! It stores all data, so you don’t need to carry your driver’s license with you.

Traveling abroad

When traveling, all documents that are valid in the country of destination are automatically translated. Now you don’t need to fill out paper forms and can easily apply for a visa from the comfort of your home. Pasportus overcomes bureaucracy and eliminates lines.

Marriage and relationships

Want to get married or divorced without going to a registry office?

Personal identification

Verifying identity becomes instant and secure. Police can see prior convictions and unpaid fines without even asking for a name. They just need to verify the photo and scan the first screen.

You don’t need to carry your driver’s license, insurance and registration.

Single online authorization

Single authorization allows to access any services right from Pasportus, speeds up hotel and ticket booking and makes Internet purchases easier.

passportus vote back new

Elections and voting

You can now vote from anywhere in the world! There is no need to apply to get your name on the list of voters, just tick a checkbox on your phone.


Pasportus is the keeper of all information about a person. A vast digital trace remains after death: university diplomas, mortgage documents, tickets, trips, check-ins in favorite places.

Users can configure access to this information individually.

One passport for all countries and languages

Pasportus is a worldwide international passport, valid in all countries and languages. It can be downloaded to the phone as a regular mobile application, helps every time you need your documents and makes everyone’s life easier.

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