Perekrestok loyalty terminal interface

Task: to design a cool interface.

Perekrestok has installed multifunctional terminals that issue discount coupons, membership cards and show the latest promotions.

The terminals received a totally divine interface, simple, clear and spectacular at the same time.

Interface screens

The interface is pleasant to look at: it has cute patterns, illustrations and big buttons. It’s also very easy to use: all actions are displayed on the screen.

All sections are color-coded (for example, purple is the color of the account page) and clear navigation helps find your way around.


Visual language

The style of the interface is so modern that you almost cannot believe it’s an ordinary terminal in a store. Everything has neon colors, gradients and all sorts of cute things.

For example, smiling faces made of Unicode characters are printed on every receipt!


The new interface works like a construction kit allowing to add new categories, blocks and sections when needed.


Over 100 screens were drawn with unbelievable attention to detail

The new terminals are already installed in Moscow.

project manager

Made in 29 days
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