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    Planeta Kino ticket kiosk interface

    • OverviewProcess
    to develop an interface for Planeta Kino cinema ticket kiosks.

    To take the load off cashiers, Planeta Kino cinemas decided to sell tickets using kiosks installed in theater lobbies. Design concept of the kiosk interface was created at the studio.

    planeta kino kiosk main
    Even in sleep mode the terminal informs of its purpose

    Touching the screen makes the terminal come to life to demonstrate a list of shows that are about to begin.

    planeta kino kiosk tickets
    Posters help recognize movies

    Images on the screen can be scrolled using traditional gestures. Additional bottom panel was implemented for quick navigation.

    planeta kino kiosk godzilla
    Just pick a show

    When changing the date, the calendar displays information on start and end dates of popular movies.

    planeta kino kiosk calend
    Enough time to see everything

    The seat selection mechanism allows to display seating maps of even the largest screens that are convenient to use no matter the size of the customer’s fingers. The system provides timely tips and recommends best seats available.

    planeta kino kiosk scheme
    Perfect view guaranteed

    Customers can also print previously purchased tickets by scanning a barcode or manually entering order number.

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky

    designer and interface designer

    • Vladimir Strashkov

    technical designer

    • Viktor Vatamanyuk

    project managers

    • Gleb Petrov
    • Aleksandr Solonko