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    Planeta Kino website 2.0

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    to refresh the website of a growing cinema network.

    Planeta Kino operates cinema theaters in Ukraine featuring IMAX and 4DX technologies. Since the first version of the website was published, the company opened new theaters in different cities, launched new services and installed the latest equipment. The second version of the website reflects these changes.

    planeta kino site2 main
    Showtimes are available right on the main page

    The schedule page shows how many tickets were sold for each show.

    planeta kino site2 showtimes
    Taken seats are marked red on minimaps

    Updated movie pages look better on widescreen displays.

    planeta kino site2 avenger
    Movie in detail

    When choosing seats and ordering tickets, customers can easily switch between shows and dates.

    planeta kino site2 hall
    —Wanna go see Godzilla on Tuesday?

    All statistics are available on the personal account page. Here customers can also download electronic tickets and send them to their iPhones or to friends.

    planeta kino site2 tickets
    Cinema lover’s diary

    Frequent cinema goers get bonus points for each visit. These points can be used to pay for tickets, popcorn, drinks, chips and other cinema essentials.

    planeta kino site2 bonus
    Simple receipt

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    designer and interface designer

    • Vladimir Strashkov

    technical designers

    • Viktor Vatamanyuk
    • Oleg Krasun


    • Oleg Didkovsky

    project managers

    • Gleb Petrov
    • Aleksandr Solonko