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POS Credit website

Task: to design a website promoting new lending technologies.
assembled and populated by the client

POS Credit is a platform that brings together fifteen banks and insurance companies. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to apply for a loan when purchasing goods and services. The application is reviewed by all partner banks at once, which increases the likelihood of approval. The system supports both stores offering loans to their clients (POS lending) and individuals who own Metrika cards.

Metrika card

This is a special card for individuals that gives access to the services of all banks in the system. On the website the card literally disintegrates into its many benefits.

POS lending

Businesses are offered services to automate and optimize lending. The pages are filled with illustrations where both characters and situations are recognizable.


Entering data into forms is tedious work, but the beautiful and well thought-through interface and the clear controls can make even this process pleasant.

metrikabank screen 01
metrikabank screen 02
metrikabank screen 03


The design elements are ready to be used outside of the website, for example in the design of promotional materials, price tags and advertising brochures.

metrikabank tv
Made in 62 days
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