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Pushe product catalog templates

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Task: to design a seating furniture catalog.

Pushe is a Russian factory specializing in couches, armchairs, sofas, and ottomans. In a nice and detailed manner, the catalog presents the full line of products offered by the manufacturer.

pushe catalogue cover
The catalog’s handy size—7.9″ (20 cm) square—makes it an easy purse traveler.

Drawings compliment photographs of the furniture.

Release date: December 20 2012


artistic director
art director
project manager
pushe catalogue photos 1
pushe catalogue photos 2
pushe catalogue photos 3
pushe catalogue photos 4
pushe catalogue photos 5

The half-titles are upholstered in bold patterns.

pushe catalogue title 4
pushe catalogue title 1
pushe catalogue title 2
pushe catalogue title 3
pushe catalogue title 5

Each model has a dedicated spread listing its main specifications and advantages.

pushe catalogue sofa
Jotta L-shaped couch page

Technical details and blueprints are displayed in an easy-to-read, comprehensive way.

pushe catalogue information
All available modules for Adores couch

A vast library of illustrations and photos was compiled to fill the catalog’s templates.

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