REKAST website


Task: to introduce an unconventional material in an unconventional way.

REKAST manufactures Sotokarton laminated honeycomb and honeycomb core. These materials have a cellular structure which gives them many useful properties.

Sotokarton’s areas of application are almost limitless, and the types of products made with it are so diverse that they are difficult to classify. A very informative website where the unusual material is presented in all the richness of its types and functions was created in the studio.

The website talks about the materials in a clear and concise language, illustrating their features with beautiful images and animations.

A long animated page captivates viewers while the variety of forms and properties of the materials and calls to fantasize on how else they could be used.

Colorful stickers of unusual shapes highlight the most important information and attract special attention.

The lengthy recycling process is “packaged” into a single dynamic video where used material is turned into new.


3D designer and animator

motion designer


packaging designer


beta tester

content manager


Made in 81 days
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