Rev Ritter Russian office website

Task: to create a website following the style of product packaging.
assembled and populated by the client

Rev Ritter sells various lighting fixtures: light bulbs, spotlights, table and garden lamps, lanterns and photocells. The company’s website clearly shows the rich range of products offered by the brand.

The website looks a lot like a large showcase of products. Minimum descriptions and lots of beautiful pictures!

The product catalog can be easily configured and sorted by required parameters. All products can be seen in close up to examine every detail.

When viewed on a mobile device, the website turns into an endless feed of bulbs, spotlights and lamps.

Dreary descriptions of the company’s achievements and successes were replaced by an infographics that conveys the scale of the brand’s operations. It’s immediately clear in how many countries and stores clients can find Rev Ritter products, and the numbers are impressive.

art director



Made in 228 days
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