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Rev light equipment packaging design

Task: to develop a packaging system for light bulbs and accessories.

German company Rev produces and sells light equipment: household and industrial light bulbs, spotlights, landscape lamps, LED flashlights and much more.

Sizes S, M and L

The brand produces bulbs of various sizes and shapes, from very small to truly giant. We had to develop principles that would allow these lamps to be packaged in equally recognizable boxes. To start, we divided all existing dimensions into three basic sizes: S, M and L.

rev package

Elements of the system

Then we determined key elements that are present on each box (pattern, product photo, logo, barcode, technical specifications, address block) and the principles for their positioning.

For each box type (S, M and L) we chose the best dimensions of each element. Now when creating a new box, you don’t need to rethink the size of the logo, the barcode and other elements, you just need to determine which group the box belongs to.

rev package table


To make sure the color of the pattern always matches the color of the bar behind the text, we created an ingenious system. Shades are chosen from adjacent sectors of the color wheel. The result is guaranteed beauty and harmony!

Clever patterns

Patterns are used to encode different categories of products (industrial lighting, for example, is always red).

rev pattern

A special circle on each box indicates whether the bulb produces warm or cool light. The bezel is yellow for warm light, blue for cold and white for neutral.

Smart element placement rules help make different products look alike.

rev package final

Unified composition solution visually unites all Rev products helping buyers easily see what brand produced this light bulb or that flashlight.

rev package hands


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production manager

Made in 117 days
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