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The making of the Ridus website

Overview   Process  

When we started to work, the agency still had no name. We started by thinking what a news agency website might look like. Simultaneously, were were thinking about the name.

ridus site process 01

Considering the mechanics and structure of pages: what moves where, when and how it is displayed.

ridus site process 02

We don’t want to make a modular newspaper, we want linear reading. Trying out the design and checking out how news pieces will look: both a large overview article and a 140-character tweet.

ridus site process 03

Starting to look for an element that will help to put emphasis on important news and events. Adding pseudo volume to news blocks. Important entries can move up and cast a shadow.

ridus site process 04

Finalizing the main page and showing the concept to the client.

ridus site process 05

The client approves the volume solution. We continue planning.

ridus site process 06

Creating a block for displaying important news and events on the main page.

ridus site process 07

Trying out various options for displaying news: a picture, a video, an audio clip, polls.

ridus site process 08

Assembling it all together on one page.

ridus site process 09

Creating interface elements for the new article form and for comment trees.

ridus site process 10

Having a fresh look at the design and realizing that it is too bright and active: if there ever was a news piece on a murder laid out in this design, the murder would go unnoticed, overshadowed by Mr. Design.

We decide to try to tune down Mr. Design and make the murder story more readable.

Dimming the colors.

ridus site process 11

We want to use microaccents on a white website. Showing to the client.

ridus site process 12

The client is absolutely against it. Getting back to the original volume solution, decreasing the shadow depth, calming down the colors.

ridus site process 13

Drawing the missing elements: buttons, arrows, icons.

ridus site process 14

Right before the launch, the artistic director makes the final stroke.

ridus site process 15

Order a design...