ProScan Scenarios Skin Controls Diagrams Project

The modern digital fluorographic unit is controlled by a paramedic with the help of a computer program, but it’s still a man who is responsible for the safety of the unit operation.

Therefore the controls displayed on the paramedic’s monitor should be built in view of the safety and ergonomic rules. In accordance with state standards, the high voltage supply button is yellow, while the emergency power off button is red. When the ionizing radiation is turned on, a relevant indicator lamp switches on.

Ionizing radiation indicator

The controls are divided into two zones: control elements are in the lower part, their indicators and measurement scales are in the upper part. This design is also acceptable when the sensor panel is used

Former controls

Since an X-ray must be made with the fluorographic unit door closed, in the former version the relevant indicator was red. But before the beginning of radiation the door is always open, therefore red is irrelevant.

Right: before, left: after. In the new controls the indicators are demonstratively arranged in the order they are turned on

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