ProScan Scenarios Skin Controls Diagrams Project

To increase the precision of diagnostics, the doctor can use different diagrams built in two or three dimensions based on the parameters of the original X-ray.

In one of the modes a two-dimensional X-ray is displayed as a three-dimensional surface whose third coordinate is brightness. For the visualization of the three-dimensional form, a special color scale (pseudospectrum) coupled with imitated lighting were used.

Pseudospectral color coding helps the doctor immediately pinpoint the areas with the same brightness

Black-and-white scale and pseudospectrum

The color scale was selected based on the following two requirements:

  • every next color should be perceived as being lighter than the previous one;
  • when a black-and-white X-ray is displayed in this color scale, tissues and blood vessels crucial for lungs diagnostics should be visible.

In medical devices and programs a physical spectrum is often used, although it’s totally irrelevant for the visualization of the smooth changes in values

To scale all two-dimensional graphs, Art. Lebedev Studio specialists devised a special control element. The graph is displayed at two windows at a time: in a small window the entire range of values is shown, while the big one shows an enlarged fragment of the graph.

With the help of two sliders, the user can choose on the X-axis the range he is interested in, and the optimal scale of the graph will be selected automatically

Even the bar chart interface that’s customary for many computer images processing software was substantially improved: the color of the selected areas of the range is now different from that of the rest of the range; the fields for entering limit values and black and white pipettes are located under the relevant edges of the black-and-white scale.

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