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Russian Boxer website

Task: to design a website.

Natural leather goods
for those who love real boxing!

No one has ever had any regrets
after buying boxing equipment.

Buy some boxing gloves
and life will be perfect!

Buy a boxing helmet
and you can challenge anyone!

Don’t catch COVID in a fight:
use a mask, helmet and gloves!

A glove is an extension of the hand.
Don’t save on gloves, guys.

Wearing boxing gloves made of branded leather
everyone looks taller, stronger and younger.

A boxer without gloves is like a skier without skis.
Live like you are always in the ring!

Buy the gloves you like:
the opponent will chicken out and not show up.

Your boxing isn’t so talentless
to buy cheap gloves!

The Russian Boxer website
will soon have a great design!

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Made in 35 days
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