Sensor Tech exhibition booth

Task: to design an exhibition booth for an innovative company.

Sensor Tech is developing bionic vision technology to help blind people see the world—even if their eyes can’t. Video from a camera is processed by a microcomputer and is fed directly into the brain using a chip implanted in the occipital visual cortex. The technology is currently being tested on animals so that by 2023 it can restore eyesight of the first volunteers. Illustrating technologies of the future is a challenging but exciting task. The booth should reveal the potential of the technology and the implant.

The result of working with fantastic shapes and illumination was the main space of the booth: two demonstration screens that appear to be implanted into its fabric.

At the heart of the composition is a stand with equipment for looking at a chip sample. The shape of the stand could not be trivial, so after a series of experiments and modeling efforts we developed a technology that allows to create complex shapes from fabric on a carbon frame.

sensortech people

The booth ended up becoming a vivid call to explore the technology of the future which is being born today right before our eyes, in both senses of the word.

sensortech final

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art director

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