Identity Stand

Marine Instrumentation Corporation exhibition stand

Task: to develop a concept of an exhibition stand.

The Marine Instrumentation Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipment for the maritime fleet. An exhibition stand that allows to effectively and convincingly present the products of all four consortiums of the corporation at specialized events was designed in the studio.

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Sharp angles and austere shapes allude to the theme of navy and create a high-tech image.

The exhibit area of each consortium is marked by soaring logos and a distinct color of the flooring.

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A media screen made from several segments is installed on the main façade of the two-story pavilion. Its size can be changed depending on the budget.

The first floor has an open meeting zone and a cozy seating area.

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The second floor has private meeting rooms, one for each of the consortiums. The style here repeats the main façade, but with large windows instead of the screen.

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The functional zoning is designed so that the consortiums are equally represented in the front, but can occupy different floor space in the back of the pavilion.

Technical rooms are combined into a compact block, unnoticeable to the visitors.

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A detailed design guide helps to easily implement the concept at a variety of exhibition sites.

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