Döcke exhibition stand

Task: to design an exhibition stand.

Döcke is a leading manufacturer of construction materials for building country houses. The holding produces vinyl siding, polymeric façade panels, PVC rainwater systems, attic stairs and soft bitumen roof tiles.

At the Mosbuild 2019 exhibition, the company presented its products at an incredible stand that was very notable among the competition.

2019, the year of theater in Russia, became the year of many new additions to Döcke’s range of products. The design of the stand brings to mind the mysterious and surprising theater atmosphere.

docke stand expo 01
Welcome counters resemble theater ticket offices

docke stand expo 02

The specially equipped platform is adorned with themed decorations that shimmer in stage light.

docke stand girl

Several times a day a real theatrical performance takes place at the stand.

docke stand dancers

At other times, the stage is filled with chairs and tables that invite to have comfortable conversations.

docke stand people

The big screen is great for striking presentations.

docke stand speaker

The stand contains lots of product samples. The main part of the exhibition is inside while the most beautiful exhibits attract the attention of visitors outside.

docke stand wall
Product samples are placed against themed illustrations and blend with them to create a coherent composition

docke stand final

artistic director

art director

Made in 27 days
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