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Task: to develop a website of a railroad carrier.

SG-Trans delivers LPG and hydrocarbons as well as oil, steel and construction freight from Russian plants. Eight regional branches of the company employ more than 35,000 freight and tank cars. The new website provides detailed information about the company’s operations while illustrations with powerful high-tech dragons help understand the scale of business.

sgt site main
The main page shows the company’s iron character

Release date: June 03 2015


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technical designer
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project managers

The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietary technology

Nothing speaks better about the work of SG-Trans than figures that are shown in the special section of the website.

sgt site indicators
Statistics of achievements

Five dragons made of modern equipment parts were created and modeled for the project. Each of them represents one of the company’s lines of work on their individual product pages.

sgt site products 01
sgt site products 02
sgt site products 03
sgt site products 04
sgt site products 05
Separate sections with application forms are devoted to transportation of petroleum, oil, petrochemical and coal and metal cargoes, as well as train car service

The Company section features information about the private carrier, history of the enterprise, details for investors and stockholders including important documents, tender information and a list of vacancies.

sgt site about
Impressive data

The text pages of the website are as simple as possible with few graphic details.

sgt site text 01
sgt site text 02
sgt site text 03
Nothing distracts from viewing contact information, reading press center materials and studying the investor and stockholder section

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