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SG-Trans calendar

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Task: to design a wall calendar.

SG-Trans is a leading private carrier of oil, gas and coil freight. The company transports LPG, oil products and building materials across Russia as well as in Europe and the CIS. A calendar emphasizing the strength and energy of the company was created at the studio.

sgt calendar 2015 cover
The cover

Transformer robots were designed based on the company’s logo, a fire-breathing dragon. The powerful monsters are made of rolling stock parts and symbolize various areas of work of SG-Trans.

sgt calendar 2015 february
SG-Trans symbol, an invincible iron monster

sgt calendar 2015 june
Petrochemical cargoes

sgt calendar 2015 july
Railcar service

sgt calendar 2015 october
Oil and gas cargoes

Release date: December 30 2014


art director
project manager
sgt calendar 2015 man

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