Skyeer logo

Task: to design a logo for construction management web platform.

Brick and gravel were stolen, so was the good cement, a shovel, super glue, a roll of shingles, a few pillars and even (may come in handy!) a piece of a drain pipe. They dig not where they should and excavate not what they were asked. This is what construction looks like in Russia. And this is a bit of a problem.


To quickly correct this shameful situation, Skyeer was created, a watchful construction copter. The idea is simple and huge and spreads the good just like Christ. Drones fly over construction sites and quietly film how vaults are mounted and facades are finished. The videos are broadcast directly to the website.

The logo is laconic and gentle. Victory! Triumph of simplicity! In the center is the name of the company and next to it are four lines. Beautiful letters stand side by side. And of course, the lines represent a flying drone.

skyeer norm

A tear rolls down, the foreman squeals with despair. Skyeer leads the battle, holding the logo like a shield. The contractor paid off all the losses and is dreaming of griding everyone into fine powder.

“Why did you ruin the construction process as it was created by God? Bastards, we’re saving the budget! We’re working quicker! If that’s what you want, go spy on your woman! I wish you infertility! I wish you to die to debt!” cries the foreman about the lost money.

art director


project manager

Made in 8 days
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