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Sokolsky DOK video ad

Task: to write a script for a video ad.

Sokolsky DOK is a modern manufacturer of wooden residential houses (including multi-storey houses). The company set an ambitious task: to build a wooden ecodistrict in the center of Moscow.

Idea and script for the company’s video ad was created at Art. Lebedev Studio.

sokoldok ad render 1

The video introduces Sokolsky’s technological advantages, benefits of wood as a construction material and explains why Moscow desperately needs a whole district of wooden houses.

Because living in such a place is pure pleasure.

sokoldok ad render 2

To make benefits of the new community more obvious, the video uses lots of nature shots. It just makes you want to run to the nearest forest and breathe in the smell of trees!

And also buy a modern wooden house.

sokoldok ad render 3
sokoldok ad render 3 placeholder 1
sokoldok ad render 3 placeholder 2

Apart from constructing new houses, the company suggested to preserve and transform last century buildings. We used timelapse to illustrate this.

sokoldok ad render 4

The future district is shown as green, sunny and infinitely attractive.

sokoldok ad render 5
sokoldok ad render 6

A special emphasis is made on modern technologies. Some people see wooden houses as something between a dugout and a village hut.

Not exactly! Our district has solar panels, electric car sharing and smart homes.

All technologies are demonstrated visually.

sokoldok ad render 7
sokoldok ad render 7 placeholder

art director


project manager

  • Video production
  • Alexei Tomilov

  • Architectural concept
  • Totan
Made in 10 days
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