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    to come up with a name and a logo for a woodworking enterprise.

    There is Sokolsky woodworking plant that owns a company with a mysterious name NLK Domostroenie. The plant processes wood and produces wooden buildings components, while Domostroenie sells finished houses.

    The two brands are now merging and we needed to invent a name and a logo for the new company. Which we (predictably flawlessly) delivered.


    Sokolsky woodworking plant, or Sokolsky DOK for short, is not some lumber mill with three employees operating two machines. No. It’s a PLANT.

    It has been operating for seventy-five years and today produces the most beautiful wooden houses ever to appear in Russia. Prefab panel houses? Barrel-shaped mobile homes? Modular buildings? Multi-family wooden houses? Hipster townhouses? Wooden communities? Father Christmas’s house in Veliky Ustyug? Pff. They’ll make it.

    It’s not surprising that the plant’s name is much more familiar to the clients than the difficult to pronounce NLK Domostroenie.

    Starting with the plant’s established name and inventing a laconic and well-sounding name for the new enterprise: Sokol.

    Next comes the logo.

    The company aims to change the way people see wooden buildings. They want wooden houses to be associated with modern beautiful and high-tech buildings, not old huts.

    Drawing a falcon that would look great both as a logo and on a branding iron. The shape of the logo resembles the bow of a wooden boat (the most durable wood has always been chosen for ships). And the symbol’s clean lines reinforce the image of a northern totem.

    The logo reminds of the plant’s rich traditions yet looks extremely modern.

    art director and copywriter

    • Еrken Kagarov


    • Sergey Steblina

    type designer

    • Taisiya Lushenko


    • Nikita Davydov


    • Stanislav Shcherbakov


    • Anna Potapkina

    project managers

    • Anastasia Ulyanova
    • Alina Bazhenova
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