The making of the Sokolsky DOK logo

Overview• Process

Making the first attempt.

sokol process 00
sokol process 00_1
sokol process 00_2
sokol process 00_3
sokol process 00_4

None of them seem to hit the target. We need a different designer.

Right from the start, we want to find an interesting lettering. And to have a bird there, too.

sokol process 01

Elaborating the designs we liked, adding a couple more variants.

sokol process 02

The falcon looks like a Nazi eagle. We need to make the graphics softer. We also need to better understand how a falcon differs from an eagle.

sokol process 03

Testing to see how the logo will look on packaging next to other logos.

sokol process 04

Preparing the presentation and getting the client’s approval for Sokol.

sokol process 05

Making many more strokes with our Wacom tablets, testing the logo on various media, finding a pattern, finalizing the vector version and preparing the announcement.

sokol process 06