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    Saint Petersburg tourist logo

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    Task: to develop a logo for Saint Petersburg tourist projects.

    Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities on Earth. People from all over the world come here to enjoy splendor of architectural monuments and elegance of the urban landscapes, richness of museum collections and brightness of theatrical traditions, carelessness of the night life and joy of river cruises, but especially for the unforgettable atmosphere and the special Saint Petersburg romance. By the request of the Saint Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development a series of logos for tourist projects of the city were developed at the studio.

    saint petersburg logo en
    saint petersburg logo ru
    All logos have English and Russian versions

    An entire set of symbols reflecting exciting, pleasant and unforgettable aspects of Saint Petersburg life were created. Each one is a clear and expressive symbol with an ellipse at its core.

    Release date: January 21 2015


    art director
    type designer
    chief typesetter
    project managers
    The studio wishes to thank Inna Shalyto and Dmitry Levykin for their help with the project
    saint petersburg logo grid
    A collection of memories
    saint petersburg logo bridge
    The text portion of the logo conceals the famous drawbridges
    saint petersburg logo wave
    The turquoise wave symbolizes waters of the Neva river and city canals

    In addition to the city’s name, the logo can feature any suitable text typed in the corporate Saint Petersburg typeface. A huge number of combinations of symbols and text turns the logo into a universal tool for solving a variety of advertising and informational tasks while retaining its recognizable characteristic features.

    saint petersburg logo forum
    All at once

    saint petersburg logo video control
    A must see

    saint petersburg logo croissant
    Snack on the go

    The logo looks well on all media, from business documents to souvenirs.

    For residents and visitors
    saint petersburg logo umbrella
    Weather is always fine

    saint petersburg logo palace

    Rules for the use of the logos, typeface and colors as well as recommendations on the design of advertising and informational materials are assembled in a detailed brand book.

    saint petersburg logo bb logos
    Opening on creating new logos

    saint petersburg logo bb font
    Opening on the corporate typeface

    saint petersburg logo bb gradient
    Opening on the gradient

    saint petersburg logo bb ads
    Half title of the section on advertising materials

    saint petersburg logo boy

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