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    The making of the Spetskabel logo and corporate identity

    Overview• Process

    We need to develop a logo and a corporate identity for Spetskabel Research and Production Enterprise.

    Studying the current logo.

    Looking at the competition.

    The first attempt.

    The artistic director immediately kills the idea: “Looks like a guy in a sleeping bag.”

    Continuing to think.

    An idea with a cathode and anode comes up.

    Nope. Changing the angle.

    Still no go.

    Another idea is a play on the letter С and a cable section in perspective.

    Trying a couple more designs.

    The client likes the volumetric design. Working on proportions and the color scheme.

    Trying it on a letterhead.

    Also trying the black and white and cherry colors.

    Meanwhile, the type designer is busy creating the text. We need to make sure the first letter resembles the sign, which means it has to be round and with chopped terminals. The text itself has to be strict and weighty. The first attempt doesn’t look stable enough.

    The difficulty is to match the round geometric grotesque С with a dense text with no holes. Adding more weight. Searching for rhymes in the terminals.

    The client wants the English version of the name to be in camel case.

    Drawing stable and heavy а and р. The result is too thick and unreadable.

    Making the text lighter.

    Deciding to go with the cherry-colored jacket, choosing the length, width and number of layers.

    The client approves the logo.

    Sending designers on a quest to find the concept of the corporate identity.

    Getting the client’s approval for the version with large elements of the logo.

    Finalizing proportions and the contrast.

    Trying the concept on various objects, searching for pleasant details.

    Settling on the monochrome version of the logo.

    Typesetting the guide.