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Spetskabel logo and corporate identity

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to create a memorable corporate identity for a cable manufacturing company.

Since 1997, Spetskabel has been researching and manufacturing cables at their own research and testing facilities. A proud corporate identity was created for the company at the studio.

spetskabel logo
Primary Russian version of the logo

The sign features a cable cutaway in the shape of the letter С. The expressive illustration is supported by the steady caption.

spetskabel logo mono
Monochrome horizontal English version

The logo became a basis for unusual corporate graphics. Recognizable elements can be freely combined and implemented in various graphic techniques.

spetskabel logo white

Together, the logo and the graphics create a solid yet dynamic corporate identity.

spetskabel docs
Business documents

Rules for the use of the logo, colors, typefaces and graphic elements as well as recommendations on the design of documents and souvenirs are given in the style guide.

spetskabel bb usage
Opening on the use of the logo

spetskabel bb colors
Spetskabel colors

Effective graphic styles and specifics of the company’s products open endless possibilities for the design of souvenir products.

spetskabel souvenirs

artistic director

art director


designer and typesetter

chief typesetter

type designer