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Sport Marafon website

Task: to redesign the website of a sports store.
assembled and populated by the client

Sport Marafon is a cult sports store that offers products for alpine skiing, mountaineering and travel.

The brand promotes tourism and outdoor recreation: the website of the store publishes articles about climbing, snowboarding, mountaineering, trekking and other extreme sports. Sport Marafon even has its own Travelers Club!

A new, friendlier and more informative website was designed for the brand at the studio.

The main page is bright and visual. Product categories and season lookbooks are shown in large blocks.

The pages are exciting to explore because all products are conveniently grouped and beautifully photographed.

The product page makes you feel as though you are examining a product in the store. Photographs are very large and high-quality, showing all materials, colors and details.

Members of the Travelers Club organize hikes and expeditions together, engage in extreme sports and give lectures on tourism.

Information pages cover the Club activities and upcoming events in detail.

The blog is now not only informative but also beautiful. All articles are illustrated with photos and large headlines and the most engaged readers can subscribe to a weekly newsletter.

All pages are adapted for mobile devices so choosing gear on the phone is just as easy as it is on a desktop.

Product reviews and real-life photos are often published on on the website.

We created a cool interactive lookbook that is interesting to explore and read.


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Made in 86 days
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