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    to create infographics capable of changing our perception of the world.

    All world maps rely on projecting the Earth’s spherical surface onto a plane which makes it hard to compare relative sizes of territories. Globes are equally difficult to use for this purpose. This means that people perceive territory sizes incorrectly.

    Greenland, India and Australia’s real proportions

    Same countries on a traditional map

    The infographics created at the studio shows real proportions of all land masses revealing actual areas of countries, territories and major islands without any distortions. Important economic indicators serve as a useful addition to the diagram and enhance the overall picture of the world.

    Source data used in analysis: Google Maps (2016); NASA’s Earth Observatory topographic maps (Reto Stockli, 2004); Population list (CIA, 2016); Population Statistics for Countries, Administrative Areas, Cities and Agglomerations «City Population» (2016); GDP by Purchasing Power Parity list (CIA, 2016); Human Development Index and its components (United Nations Development Programme, 2015); Wikipeida


    Countries on the poster are arranged by descending size, are shown without external or dependent territories and are distributed by continents according to the United Nations geoscheme. The poster encourages close examination full of pleasure and awe.

    Russian and English versions of the poster are available
    Russian and English versions of the poster are available

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Vasily Dubovoy

    calculations assistant

    • Marina Bondareva


    • Aleksandr Bulyga
    • Denis Zarubin


    • Aleksandr Nosikov
    • Tatiana Kozlova

    project managers

    • Svetlana Kost
    • Egor Egorov
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