TalentCode logo and identity

Task: to design a logo for a company that effortlessly explains analytics.

TalentCode is a consulting company offering talent management and HR analytics services. Its superpower is to explain complex things in a way that’s easy to understand, whether it’s tricky HR dashboards, massive graphs or benchmark spreadsheets.

talent code

The name of the company is elegantly coded with simple symbols. The strict but active color palette seems to say that even though the company is serious, it has no corporate dryness or endless formalities: TalentCode is friendly and speaks the same language as its clients.

The logo is supported by a set of additional symbols reflecting the company’s endless lines of business.

talent code sign

3D shapes serve as a press wall pattern.

talent code presswall

Backgrounds featuring space and breathtaking mountain landscapes symbolize the openness of the company to new horizons.

talent code phone
talent code backpack
talent code shirt

Spectacular templates were created for official letters, printed materials and presentations.

talent code tablet
talent code cards

art director


type designer

project manager

Made in 83 days
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