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Theater Web 2004 festival identity

On October 15–22, 2004 the first interactive theater festival Theater Web (Single Art Environment) will be held in Moscow. The project has no precedent in the history of theater.

Main logo

Art. Lebedev Studio, a co-founder of the festival, created the design of all visual attributes of the Theater Web.

Seven performances will take place in Moscow theaters, and each of them will be broadcast on the Internet. The spectators will be able to see “live” performances at theaters and their broadcast versions in any Internet café or even at home or office. All it takes to see them is a powerful Internet channel.

A poster in the Studio

For spectators in other countries the broadcast performances will feature English subtitles.

Dominik poses as a theater enthusiast wearing a T-shirt

To discuss the performances and broadcasts of the festival, online round-table discussions will be held, at which theater critics and specialists, spectators and simple Internet users will express their opinions regarding what is added and what is lost in theater spectacles when they are broadcast online, i.e. about the methodology and technology of viewing performances on the Internet.


Apart from the broadcast performances, another part of the festival will include seminars and master classes to be held in Moscow. They will be focused on the issues of using computer technologies in theater management, scenography, light and sound effects.

Letterhead and envelope

Release date: October 08 2004


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