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Theatre Web 2009 festival identity

Overview   Process  

Problem: Deliver some Gogol.

The 6th Theatre Web festival allowed spectators in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg and Perm to see Moscow and St. Petersburg theatre performances in their cities. The rest of theatre-lovers could traditionally watch productions online at Cultu.Ru.

Celebrating Gogol’s 200th anniversary, this year many theatres staged his works.

The logo with six staring Gogols

Other identity elements got ‘Gogolized’ too.

Regular Cultu.Ru logo on the left, ‘Gogolized’ logo in the middle, and the famous face in digital style

Release date: October 22 2009


art director

As always, we designed the festival invitations-tickets-envelopes.

Invitations with two text versions: Gogol-style and normal

As always, we created letterheads and flyers.

Letterhead and flyer

We released a new lot of shirts and bags.

Exclamation bag and digital-Slavic design tee

And we produced yet another booklet.

Booklet cover

It was well after midnight when everything was done.

Just to catch your attention

And the poster, of course.

Gogol rules!

Came out impressive.

Order a design...