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    • OverviewProcess
    to develop an inexpensive bench for modern cities.

    Skameikus-8 can be installed in parks, residential districts and recreational areas. The seat and the back are made of wooden boards while the frame is made of light metal strips bringing down production costs.

    skameikus 8 white guy

    Beautiful solution for residential areas

    All structure elements are ready to be produced to order.

    skameikus 8 long blue

    Skameikus-8 brings pleasant diversity to urban landscape and gives pedestrians an opportunity to take a break.

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Timur Burbaev

    industrial designers

    • Aleksandr Blagov
    • Sofia Solomko
    • Boris Tarasov
    • Mylene Richer
    • Tatiana Makarevich


    • Viktor Lvov

    project managers

    • Anastasia Prischepa
    • Egor Egorov