Vas Naydut logo

Task: to design a logo.

They will find you. There’s nothing easier.
They will find you in the heat and in the fog.
They will find you even in the palm grove.
They will find you even in the snowy taiga.

vas naydut

They will find you in a skyscraper or in the basement,
They will find you with an online search.
Vas Naydut is the name of the agency
that will help people find you.

vas naydut 01

They will find you. Just be patient.
You didn’t grow your business for nothing.
They will find you, the logo promises,
as if in the bright beam of a flashlight.

vas naydut 02
vas naydut 03
vas naydut 04

art director


project manager

Made in 35 days
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