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Vernost Kachestvu chocolate factory logo

The new logo of the Vernost Kachestvu factory consists if two elements: the sign and the text. The sign was updated based on the earlier version, while the font was developed from scratch.

The studio compiled logo guidelines.

New logo

Two variants of the logo: with and without the large inscription

A logo for small carriers was additionally developed. If the usual logo is printed with its size greatly reduced, details are blurred, while the text becomes illegible. Magnified fragments of the sign and the text: left—usual, right—small-size

The studio decided not to discard the equestrian as the company’s symbol

As a result of creating the new logo, the sign acquired the integrity of composition, a concise color palette and historical authenticity. On the former sign, the steed’s foreleg looks like a crutch, while the equestrian holds the shield the size of a window pane. The new equestrian was given a nice steed, a beautiful banner and unambiguous instructions to go and fight for quality.

Release date: March 18 2004


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