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Vernost Kachestvu chocolate candy boxes

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What weighs five grams? A one-franc silver coin. A big ripe raspberry. A chocolate candy of Vernost Kachestvu factory.

Vernost Kachestvu has its own recipes to make candies: with coffee and caramel fillings, crushed caramel, pralines with crushed hazelnut, and truffles. A special sort of chocolate is selected for each filling.

The design of the series is essentially different from the Russian traditional packaging both in terms of its construction and the look. Everything was designed from scratch: candy forms, the style of texts, graphics, font, and the box.

Composition of the blocks of product contents and nutritional value (make-up by Sergey Fyodorov)

The series is based on a combination of the late 19th century and late 20th century styles.

Set of four sorts

Based on the original pictures of Vernost Kachestvu logo (which is special for serifs in letter tops and no serifs at letter bottoms), Yury Gordon of Letterhead Studio created the 19 O’clock font.

19 O’clock bold, light, and italics

The box was constructed without the crimped plastic cups: everything was made from cardboard. Firstly, the environment will be better off, secondly, it’s an infinite delight to the eye, and thirdly, an empty box can be thrown into the fireplace without a second thought. The box also lacks the customary polyethylene sheet (that’s required for preventing the candies from pressing against the damper).

You won’t have to twiddle your finger over the box and hope to pinpoint the sort of candy whose description you like best: you can read the name of the filling beside the candies.

Several minutes after being opened, the box is flat-out empty

We made a point of not devising any brands for any of the candy sets: no Magic Dreams, Pas-De-De or Mortebello. If there are chocolate candies with a caramel filling and crashed caramel inside the box, it’s all plainly stated on the label.

A variety of sorts

People of good taste have been absolutely delighted since October 2004 when the first four sorts of Vernost Kachestvu candies hit the shelves.

Release date: November 28 2004


art director and designer

Vernost Kachestvu Design Center

packaging architects

We extend special thanks to Viktor Kudryavtsev for his confidence

A five-gram candy is a morsel of happiness for those concerned about their waistlines, or those who don’t care. See also more detailed information on candy design

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