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    Vernost Kachestvu corporate website

    [The project is in the museum]

    Vernost Kachestvu is a Russian premium class chocolate and candy producer.

    Like on a desk, at the main page of the website everything’s at hand: a cup of coffee, sugar packs and plenty of tasty chocolate

    At the website, there’s everything that daily surrounds Vernost Kachestvu chocolates: cacao paste, sugar, foil, CMYK and Pantone colors, sweet words, cocktail parties, diplomas and fans. Piles of chocolates—wrapped and unwrapped as well as half-bitten—offer evidence of just how hard it is to resist the temptation of trying them.

    Studio designers rose to the challenge of bringing the sound of foil being crumpled, the odor of cacao, the inimitable taste of chocolate melting in the mouth onto the website

    Upon registration, the website user gets access to the part and parcel of dolce vita—an online store of rare chocolate products. Here you can take your time selecting, calculating and ordering the required amount of chocolate bars. Prices for a minimal amount of chocolates with customized design will be welcome news for anyone who’s getting ready for a birthday party, a wedding or a jubilee.

    Chocolate Races game

    To get some rest from the perusal of Vernost Kachestvu product directory, the user can play one of the two flash games: Chocolate Races or Memorina—a game to jog one’s memory.

    Release date: June 24 2003


    art director and designer
    Artemy Lebedev
    Anton Yarusov
    designer and Macromedia Flash developer
    Oleg Tischenkov
    Macromedia Flash developers
    Ivan Dembitsky
    Anatoly Zenkov
    technical designers
    Kirill Ten
    Igor Kiselev
    Anna Kulesh
    Sergey Shakuto
    Mikhail Petrushin
    Sonya Ovsyannikova
    Yury Matrosovich
    Sergey Chikuenok
    Dmitry Muratov
    Boris Pasikhov
    Darya Sviridova

    Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Viktor Kudryavtsev and Yuri Pirozhok (Vernost Kachestvu) for their invaluable help in project implementation

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