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VkusVill logo

Task: to update a logo.

VkusVill is a large chain of stores selling natural products. They offer the freshest fruit and vegetables, milk, the tastiest meat and fish.

We restyled VkusVill’s logo making it lighter, more elegant and better emphasizing the close connection of the company to nature.

The logo became airy and beautiful

Specifically for the new logo we created striking grotesque lettering. The open shape of the letter С symbolizes friendliness.

vkusvill logo c
Elements of the letters. The new logo is to the right

The curved dynamics of the letter У reminds viewers of nature (VkusVill sells fresh and tasty products, just like in nature).

Thanks to their softened shapes and smoothened lines, the letters К and У look lively.

vkusvill logo ku 01
vkusvill logo ku 02

The letter Л has changed a lot. The new curve added gaps between the two letters making the logo cleaner, brighter and lighter.

vkusvill logo ll 01
vkusvill logo ll 02

The new logo with its thinner stroke lines is a better fit to the store’s healthy and light image.

vkusvill logo old
The old logo

vkusvill logo final

art director and designer

type designer

project manager

Made in 14 days
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