Volgorechensk Fishery × Art. Lebedev Studio black caviar

Task: to create a label design for collectible black caviar in collaboration with a fishery.

Volgorechensk Fishery was founded in 1975. Artemy Lebedev was born in 1975. It is a perfect reason to join forces to create something truly awesome: a label for a limited batch of black caviar packaged in 250 gram jars.

vrh bank

Each jar is numbered from 1 to 1975 making the product entirely unique. Which is why the caviar will be sold through an auction and only to regular customers.

vrh two banks

The bilingual label with the Made in Russia mark will tell foreign owners the provenance of each jar.

The serifs of Absolem typeface combine perfectly with spikes on the back of the sturgeon.

vrh text

Over the 45 years of its existence, the fishery has made great strides forward: now each female sturgeon has an implanted chip that helps conduct genetic analysis of caviar. That’s why an amazing abstract pattern was chosen as the background for the signature sturgeon of Volgorechensk Fishery. The airy and streamlined shape symbolizes both innovation and the underwater world.

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Made in 31 days
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