Identity Wayfinding

Wunderpark school identity

Task: to develop an identity for a school for geniuses.

Wunderpark International School is a private school that is a part of a family leisure complex. Education is conducted in two languages and follows modern standards. A spectacular identity that reflects the school’s principles and organization was developed at the studio.

The logo in the shape of the letter W is in the form of two open books. The metaphor refers to the bilingual education system practiced at the school.

wunderpark sign
wunderpark docs 01
wunderpark docs 02

The school consists of houses that are internal teams of students. Each of the four houses has its own signs and ornaments inspired by the names of prominent scientists:

The school combines the classic and game-based approaches to learning. This idea is reflected in the identity: the strict and concise style of the school is supplemented by colorful patterns and bright stickers.

wunderpark bags
wunderpark stickers
wunderpark diplomas
wundepark teacher

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  • Stepa Barsukov
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