Interiors of the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals at Siberian Federal University

The Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals in Krasnoyarsk is preparing top specialists in non-ferrous metallurgy, materials science, digitization and automation of production and the development and creation of new alloys. Powerful and competitive professionals essential for the development of Siberia emerge from here.

The studio has developed an interior design for the institute befitting an advanced educational institution that cares about its students.

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We have rethought the functional zoning of the main public spaces on the ground floor and added everything necessary for comfortable study and work.

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The basic principles of the interior include light background surfaces and the texture of wood combined with accents in the form of textured metal, contrasting colors and vibrant graphics.

sfu 4

Considerable attention has been given to the convenience of all visitors. The lobby, security post, recreation area with rest and self-study zones and classrooms are designed to make everyone want to stay a little longer. Additionally, clear organization of space distributes the flow of students and prevents “traffic jams.”

Bright patterns and lively characters add life to the interiors and break up long, dull walls.

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To ensure everything that was planned is implemented in full, a detailed guide with all specifications, diagrams and instructions was created.

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Made in 49 days
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