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    Yakitoriya logo and corporate identity

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    Task: to develop a logo and a corporate identity for a network of Japanese cuisine restaurants.

    Yakitoriya is a network of Japanese cuisine restaurants that is part of Vesta Center International, Russia’s largest restaurant holding. The first restaurant opened in Russia in 1999 and the corporate style remained unchanged since then. To mark the fifteenth anniversary of the company, a graphic logo and a lively corporate identity were developed at the studio.

    yakitoriya logo ru
    yakitoriya logo en
    Russian and English logos

    The sign combines three expressive symbols: a hand holding chopsticks, a Japanese crane and the rising sun.

    Release date: September 11 2014


    artistic director
    art director
    type designer
    project manager
    yakitoriya logo parts

    A number of alternative designs are provided for use in different situations.

    yakitoriya logo transparent
    Monochrome and color logos, including versions with transparent segments

    There is also a horizontal version of the logo that looks especially well on the sign which adheres to the strict rules of the Moscow city design code.

    yakitoriya logo facade
    Refreshed design
    yakitoriya logo facades old
    Previous signs exceeded the regulated height of 50 cm (20″)

    Additionally, text signs for decorating façades of the restaurants in Russia and in English-speaking countries were also developed.

    yakitoriya logo sign 01
    yakitoriya logo sign 02
    yakitoriya logo sign 03

    Simple and bright geometric patterns were created for various purposes.

    Example of packaging design

    yakitoriya logo sticks
    Chopstick envelopes

    Wrapping paper

    Rules for using the logo and the elements of the corporate identity are given in a brief guide.

    yakitoriya logo bb sizes
    Opening on the minimal sizes and unacceptable use of the logo
    yakitoriya logo bb prints
    Opening on corporate souvenirs

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